5 Often Forgotten but Essential Items You Need For Your Camping Trip

5 essential but forgotten camping items

Have you ever gone camping, and realized that you forgot something? And not just anything, but some essential items for your camping trip. You are note alone!

You have been rushing around for days to make sure that everything is ready for your next camping trip. You’ve booked an awesome campsite, prepared the right tent and some sleeping bags. You even packed the cooler with your favourite type of beer and some juicy steaks.

But, something doesn’t feel right!

You have this nagging feeling that something is amiss. Maybe even something important. But then the day comes and in the excitement, you pack everything on your car and leave. Spirits are running high and everyone is looking forward to a few nights in the wild.

The trip goes smooth and you arrive full of energy and ready to rock and roll. As you unpack and set everything up, you finally realize why that feeling that you are forgetting something. Yo left behind some of the most essential items for your camping trip.

Not all is lost! And you wont get that in you way, but it sure would have been nice to not forget these small but fairly important items.

We’ve all been there!

This is how this short list of often forgotten but truly essential items for your camping trip was born. Next time, you decide to head out, we hope that you will have an even better time by simply packing these in advance.

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Without further adieu. Here it is the list:

5 Often Forgotten But Essential Items For Your Camping Trip

1. Small Camping Multitool

Multifunctional Tool Card - essential item for your camping trip In this particular case, size matters. These small, credit card style multitools have become almost essential, when you head out into the wild. For their small size, they can perform multitude of functions and make our lives much easier. From prying, sawing, screwing, measuring, cutting and even in some cases navigating, these can be amazing.

These are also known as survival gear multi-tool, survival multi-tool card or EDC multi-tool. If you don’t have one, we encourage you to checkout some here: Knives & Tools.

It is one of the most valuable tools you can own but its size also makes it really easy to leave behind. For the next camping trip, make sure that you pack one of these essential items for your camping trip this in advance.

Here is out favourite Multifunctional Card Tool, if you want to skip the research.

2. Insect Repellent

Ahhhh… the bugs! Not one of the most exciting things you look forward to in a camping trip. Combine that with the fact that you forgot your insect repellent and you have a recipe for disaster.

The mosquitoes, ticks and other insects you are likely to encounter on your camping trip are not just irritating bloodsuckers. They can also be extremely dangerous and carry diseases like Malaria and Lime disease. And lately, it seems that they are only growing in numbers like never before.

An insect repellent is a must!

This is one of those essential items for your camping trip that is really easily overlooked and very often forgotten. Make sure to purchase your favourite brand in advance and have it packed and ready to go. They have a very long shelf life so if you are walking in the store and wondering is now is a good time, it is!

Another great way to fend off bugs, especially at night, is bug zapper. Our favourite one is this 2-in-1 zapper and lantern with it’s own solar panel. Check it out and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

3. Cookware Container

Portable Outdoor Picnic Storage Bag With Insulated Thermal Interior Good food in the outdoors is essential for a great experience. Steaks, sausage, eggs, there is nothing like cooking on the fire.

Having the right pots, pans and utensils makes for an even better experience, when eating outdoors. And you are most likely to forget some of those if they are scattered around or you don’t have once of those all in one cooking sets.

This is why, having a cookware container is another one of those essential items for your camping trip. Keeping everything in one place makes for a faster packing and ultimately an awesome experience when eating around the fire. For an added bonus, if you keep all your cookware items in a cooling bag, you will have the benefit of an additional cooler at hand.

We recommend this Portable Outdoor Picnic Storage Bag that comes in various shapes and sizes, to accommodate all your cookware storage needs. With its insulated thermal interior, this storage bag doubles as a great outdoor cooler!

4. Clothesline & Clothes Pins

You maybe thinking ….. Why would I need those?

Multipurpose Lanyard Tent Cord for Outdoor Camping an essential item for your camping trip We all enjoy being outdoors, or at least if you are reading this, we hope so. But camping is not just about sitting in your tent or around the campfire all the time. At least not all the times.

From hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting and exploring, outdoor activities is why most of us choose to do it. We go on long trips and camp for months or short ones, in the nearby parks. For those who enjoy it, there is nothing like being outdoors and being active. Regardless on how you spend your time camping, one thins is true. You’ll either get wet or a little dirty along the way. This is especially tru when you camp with kids.

And one those essential items for your camping trip, you’ll wish you haven’t forgotten, is some kind of lanyard, clothesline and clothes pins. These make for an easy way to not only store and organize but also clean and dry your clothes overnight. After all, we don’t pack a whole suitcase of endless clothes when we camp.

This item may sound silly to some, but next time you head out, have at least one extra rope packed. If you want to be even cooler, checkout this Multipurpose Lanyard Tent Cord for Outdoor Camping.

5. Tent Lantern

Multipurpose Camping Headlamp One of the most overlooked reasons for being outdoors is the brilliant night sky. Being away from the hustle and bustle, in the middle of the forest, presents a unique opportunity to observer the night sky. It’s simply fascinating to see all these stars and wonder what lurks beyond the horizon.

But being in the dark, because you forgot your tent lantern is no fun. Sure you may have some great head lamps and no doubt about it, those are great for various applications. Never the less, when it’s time to put your head down and you want to situate yourself around the tent, there is nothing better than a tent lantern.

Having one of these, allows you to take off the extra gear from your head and enjoy your time, while reminiscing of the day thats past and what follow tomorrow. And because these lanterns are great, we tend to sometimes use them around the house, which is also why, it is very easy to leave behind.

And if you have one of those 2-in-1 lanterns and zapper, leaving it behind will make things even worst. Make sure to double check your gear and don’t leave your lantern behind. For some great choices, checkout our outdoor lighting options here. There is even one that has multipurpose use and can be used as a headlamp too: https://rhinocamping.com/product/camping-headlamp/

Do you have suggestions on other essential items for your camping trip?

We hope you enjoyed this list and found it helpful with your preparations for you next adventure outdoors. Do you have any other suggestions of items we should add. Please comment below with any other ideas of essential but often forgotten camping gear, and we would be happy to include it.

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Until the next adventure.